We have designed and developed high-end industry Shopify E-Commerce Websites which will boost your brand to the next level and will set you apart from your competition.



At Creative971, we have come up with a unique concept of high-end industry theme upgrades which will be implemented within 48 hours. We are making the most important key aspects for every E-Commerce business a reality.

You need your site as soon as possible!
You need it for an affordable price!
You want your site to be the best out there!
You want to sell as much as possible!

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What you get

At Creative971 we came up with a new concept. This concept simplifies the process for you to receive your outstanding Shopify E-Commerce Website.

Everyone, including yourself, wants to achieve the best possible Shopify E-Commerce website in order to dominate within your industry and establish your brand online successfully.

We certainly know how much effort and work is required in order to achieve this and until now a high-end E-Commerce site was only accessible for enterprise clients due to the amount of work, time and resources which goes into such an E-Commerce project. You can read about the details and amount of work in the listed topics.

We believe that this privilege shouldn’t only be for enterprise clients and hence we have come up with this innovative concept.

Our Shopify industry sites are made by us and are high-end E-Commerce sites to make your brand stand out and turbo charge your E-Commerce success, you will basically own a high-end enterprise site within 48 hours.


What is included?

  • Your selected industry upgrade will be implemented in less than 48hours on your Shopify Store.
  • Dedicated Implementation expert
  • You will receive a comprehensive user manual for your industry site in order to manage, understand and work by yourself or assign an admin of yours to the site.
  • You will receive a user manual about the correct Set-Up of your Shopify settings.
  • You will receive information about the payment gateways in our region including the guide on how you can connect them to your Shopify store.
  • You will receive the information about one of the best fulfillment center for Startups & SME’s – which will provide a direct integration into Shopify.


What is not included?

  • Content & Product upload, in order to keep our prices as low as possible the resources for content and product upload are excluded, but with the comprehensive User Manual which you will receive – you will be able to do this yourself, use one of your employees, intern, or any other person – following our guide you can use anyone without technical background.
Mobile first approach

We have built all our industry stores mobile first to ensure the best possible experience for your shoppers.

The E-Commerce traffic in the Middle East is mobile focused. More than 70% of your website traffic will come from mobile users.

This means most of your customers will experience your Shopify E-Commerce site on their mobile phone. This will reflect into higher traffic, less bounce rates and definitely higher conversions.

Industry specific design (UI)

Our industry upgrades are designed and developed in a very sleek, contemporary yet minimalistic style.

You will have the feeling that everything is very simple and straight forward, this is exactly what an E-Commerce site is supposed to be and the intention behind our design.

Each industry store design has its own touch and feel as well as reflects the message of this industry that shall be delivered to your shoppers.

User experience (UX)

The ultimate motive of any Ecommerce business is to convert every visitor into a loyal and returning customer in order to generate higher sales.

The secret code to achieve the expected conversions, that many tend to ignore is – eCommerce UX (user experience)

We have designed our E-Commerce industry upgrades with the best user experience for each industry. Especially on the Mobile version we have taken this to the next level.

Site loading speed

The page speed is the time it takes for your E-Commerce site to load and it is measured on both the desktop and mobile versions of your site separately.

Website speed is a key factor of the success of any E-Commerce business. Slow sites don’t just lead to fewer conversions because of impatient customers but have a crucial impact on your search engine rankings, traffic and ROI from your digital marketing efforts.

Google applied recently that page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches, which means a faster mobile version of your site will rank you higher in Google Search and Advertisement.

We are sure you know this very well – For example you have clicked on an advertisement on Google or Social Media and the redirect to your E-Commerce site just didn’t load fast enough – yes exactly you left the page already before it opens and most probably won’t visit the site again. Or even worse, you might already have a negative assumption of this page or brand though you do not even know it properly.

We have taken the utmost care in developing our industry theme websites in optimising them for page speed.

Increased Sales & Conversions

To achieve the best conversion rate on your site is the combination and execution of all the above points combined.

All these parameters will together add up to make for an incredible shopping experience and outstanding E-Commerce website.

We have taken care about all these points in our Shopify E-Commerce Industry sites.

Once you start your digital marketing campaigns you want to be rest assured that your marketing budget will bring you the best results with the highest ROI.

Now you know – what it takes to have your E-Commerce site working in your favour (Yes it is not only about how it looks) and we exactly provide this base for your Industry.

Benefits - Why to choose us

There are 4 ways how Shopify E-Commerce website are build, we will list them below and explain you why you should invest in our solution rather than taking a different approach.


Creative971 Industry upgrades

  • Highest quality on every aspect as we are the leading Shopify Plus Agency within the Middle East.
  • You can review your Industry site on our demo store and you get exactly what you see.
  • You have your Industry site within less than 48hours on your Shopify site.
  • You can be rest assured about quality of work and approach
  • You will have a full User Manual to work on your site by yourself without us or any other agency required to do updates.
  • You will receive the full Shopify-Set up and explanation as a guide
  • You will have the best price and value compared to any other Proposal from any agency you will receive.
  • You will have all the important E-Commerce aspects included such as UI, UX, loading speed, mobile first etc..
  • You receive your upgrades from the leading and most trusted Shopify Plus Agency within the Middle East.


Why us over a freelancer

  • You need to trust the technical know how of your freelancer
  • Your end result depends on your research of your freelancer
  • You might need to change your freelancer due to quality issues or bad results
  • You might end up paying more or double and run into timeline issues.
  • Your Freelancer does only what you will tell him to do and does the minimum in order to achieve this.
  • You are limited to your knowledge to guide the Freelancer and most probably will only focus on the  visuals (design) but not on all the technical-know how around which is important for a successful E-Commerce Shopify site. (See the points above)
  • You will run into issues of your expectations and realisation of the Freelancer.
  • You will end up finding a lot of issues yourself and need to address these to your Freelancer in order to have them fixed, which will cost you additionally.


Why us over an Agency abroad or outsourced work

  • Your work is done abroad or outsourced to third parties which you depend on their results and need to trust unknown resources.
  • You are not in control of your end-result and quality of the realisation on Shopify
  • You are not able to get hold of these companies incase they do not reply to you, which means you will run into timeline issues
  • You are not able to be part of the project in the way you would like to due to resource allocation issues.
  • You mostly talk to the sales representative which is not aware about the complexity or result you admire.
  • You might run into issues to pay additionally to get your project completed.
  • If you are not happy with the result you are not able to get hold of them.
  • If they don’t deliver the expected work you are not able to get your money back or worse lose your investment – due to incapability of realisation.
  • Might have limited knowledge of Shopify
  • You will end up finding a lot of issues yourself and need to address these to your Agency in hope to have these fixed without additional payment.


Why our solution instead using the traditional Shopify Agency way.

  • Agencies classify your project based on your scope, it means if you have a small project you won’t get the same resources as an enterprise project.
  • Agencies want to maintain you as a customer after project completion and will charge you for any further support or help on your site – Agencies won’t provide you a “Do it Yourself” User Manual for your site as we do for our upgraded sites.
  • You need to pay for the experience, knowledge and resources around your project (Sales, Project Manager, Designer, Developer) – as bigger the Agency the higher the overheads which means you’r project quote is high.
  • The project timeline will take months
  • You will receive a high quotation which won’t allow you to work with such an Agency unless you have the budget.
  • The focus of these Agencies are on SME and Enterprise business.


Review our high-end E-Commerce upgrades for your Industry.
Available in English and English / Arabic.

Products which don’t belong to a specific industry, Multiple product offerings or if you just want to start out.
Products within Cosmetic, Beauty, Skincare, Make up range including a bespoke color selector for your product range.
Products in the Fashion Industry such as Clothing, Activewear, Swimwear, Lingerie.
Products in the Jewelry Industry and Accessories such as, Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Brooches, Watches and more..
Products in the Footwear Industry, from Sandals, Sneakers or High Heels we got you covered.
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