Understand your Customer on Shopify stores

by Julia Jackle - Aug 4, 2020

Understand your customer for a successful Shopify E-Commerce business in Dubai / UAE

Customers no longer need traditional customer service. They can find answers to their questions online. If your business can not or will not help them quickly and without putting them on hold, they know they will find a solution to their problem elsewhere. Nowadays, when consumers encounter a problem, more than half of them start with search online for a solution. 

They are looking for the most adequate answer possible, but also the fastest and easiest to find, whether it comes from your business or not. If they end up accessing your company’s website from Google, they do not want to wait on the phone or be queued online for the answer they need. Almost 90% of people are looking for more interactive help, like live chat. If they are forced to call a company to get an answer to their question, more than 70% of them expect their interlocutor to know who they are.

The key to growth in E-commerce is simple:

  • Satisfied customers who recommend your business to their friends.
  • Satisfied customers who share their experience with the world.
  • Modern customer service that matches the way consumers communicate.

With these new tools, the company will retain customers longer, increase their satisfaction and create loyal promoters eager to contribute to its growth. 

Moreover, there are techniques you can employ to retain the favor of your customers. They include:

1. Engage with customers on the channels they use.

Communications now take place via a wide variety of channels: in addition to e-mail, telephone and face to face communications, consumers are using live chat, social networks and messaging applications. Any modern business must adapt to this evolution by being accessible on any channel, at anytime. Like modern customers, modern businesses need to be able to handle multi-channel discussions. By using more interactive communication channels, the company gives its customers the opportunity to contact them more easily and freely. Provided that they are conducted appropriately, each of the exchanges thus made will establish a relationship of trust between the company and its customers.

2. Give customers with proactive and scalable solutions.

Once the company has established communication channels to interact with its customers and prospects, it can use this information to invest in proactive solutions that accompany its customers.

For example, if there are trends in the types of questions asked of clients, it is possible to publish these responses using the Knowledge Base tool to enable online searching.

If the company knows that customers are always looking for the best practices for a specific tactic, they can turn that information into relevant content that advisors can refer to regularly to save time and win for their customers. Proactive support of the customer base has several advantages. Solutions such as a knowledge base allow customers to get answers to their questions faster. Support teams can spend more time solving larger problems faced by customers who call or write. The company must invest in content that facilitates customer research, and in turn, allows them to achieve faster results. These two aspects are essential factors in customer satisfaction.

3. Develop relationships with customers to be your promoters

Every effort to attract and support customers on the path to success results in satisfied and loyal customers. To identify these promoters, it is therefore essential to start by listening to customers.

The company must put in place a feedback mechanism that will help them understand the positive and negative points perceived by customers. These returns will not only help the company identify problems and help customers resolve them, but also identify already satisfied customers who are using their product or service successfully.

The company can use this information to encourage satisfied customers to leave notices, and to use them in case studies or testimonials. These testimonials can also be collected via the Feedback tool.

4. Bottom line

Today, the fact that customers no longer need the business is not necessarily a bad thing. This evolution offers companies a real opportunity to develop by contributing to the success of their customers. Over time, only companies that offer an excellent product or service and invest in a quality customer experience can thrive. Regardless of the scale of their customer service, companies must now invest in the service.

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About the Author:
Julia Jackle
Julia is the co-founder and CEO of Creative971 and has written blogs in the past for the Entrepreneur Magazine UAE. Her extensive knowledge in the E-Commerce industry in the UAE and GCC is widely appreciated.


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