The Top 10 Big Brands on Shopify

by Julia Jackle - Mar 25, 2019

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In the fiercely competitive domain of E-Commerce platforms, it is fairly rare for new entrants to come in at the enterprise level and to shake up the market.  Even so, this is exactly what Shopify and Shopify Plus, the enterprise version of Shopify, have been doing. With the benefits of more affordable cost of ownership and lesser time to launch, alongside the assurance of a secure and fully hosted solution for online sellers, Shopify has caught the eye of benchmark E-Commerce leads across a wide array of sectors.

Shopify has demonstrated that no matter how small or big your brand is, the platform has the necessary tools to elevate any brand from grass to grace. Speaking of which, here are the top 10 big brands that have triumphantly navigated the murky waters, to conquer the world of E-Commerce and become benchmark brands on the platform.

These top 10 big brands and many many more top brands are choosing the leader of E-Commerce platforms because of its scalability, security and omni-channel approach. In the UAE and allover the GCC the mindset to a solid omni-channel approach is taken. We look forward welcoming more brands on Shopify and Shopify Plus.

  1. Nestle

The world’s largest food and beverage company, hosting more than 2000 brands, to name a few: KitKat, Nescafe & Purina, is on Shopify and it doesn’t take a lot to get into terms with the fact why.

  1. Mavi

With no doubt, Mavi is a global jeans-wear brand. The brand uses its Shopify platform to sell its lots and lots of denim. The store’s design is great and truly represents the sensational brand with its subsidiaries in USA, Canada, Germany Netherlands, Russia and Australia.

  1. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner, the youngest self-made billionaire ever according to Forbes, runs her own cosmetic line “Kylie Cosmetics” on Shopify Plus, which easily handles the flood of traffic and transactions serving up makeup to her loyal army of fans. She meanwhile has a stunning 130 million of Instagram followers.

  1. Tesla Motors

Tesla is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar panels and integrated renewable energy solutions and sells its accessories via Shopify. Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that driving electric cars could be better than gasoline powered cars.

  1. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is more of an inspiration for women who consider themselves adventurous and badass. They are famous for their stylish fashion apparel and accessories custom designed for women in all of their stages of life. The site features a sleek but user-friendly design which allows shoppers to effortlessly search for bestsellers, hottest trends and relevant items depending on their needs.

  1. Red Bull

Honestly speaking, Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drink manufacturer and seller in the world. And though most of their marketing efforts are concentrated on sports events, advertisement, music and endorsements, they have a strong online presence on Shopify selling Red Bull themed items such as backpacks, t-shirts, jackets and hats.

  1. Gymshark

Gymshark is an established accessories and fitness apparel manufacturer based in the UK. Through smart influencer marketing and the scalability of Shopify and Shopify plus, Gymshark got quickly famous even in the United Arab Emirates. Gymshark boasts an impressive following on social media with over 3 million customers from 131 countries.

  1. Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is an outstanding global brand offering a huge range of apparel, handbags, footwear, jewelry, watches and accessories, as well as men’s accessories. Rebecca is extra inspiring because she is not only incorporating tech into her products, also in the commerce approach, the omni-channel approach is phenomenal.

  1. Hummingbird Bakery

It is the American baking brand, creating the most delicious cupcakes worldwide. While first starting off in 2004 in Notting Hill, UK, it quickly spread out its franchises across the globe. In Dubai, Hummingbird Bakery has its home in Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall.

  1. MVMT Watches

MVMT watches is are the products of college dropouts Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante. Since then, the brand has grown in terms of sales and popularity more so on Shopify. Today, their online store boasts of a wide range of top-notch premium watches and accessories designed and manufactured in Los Angeles California, but sold globally.

About the Author:
Julia Jackle
Julia is the co-founder and CEO of Creative971 and has written blogs in the past for the Entrepreneur Magazine UAE. Her extensive knowledge in the E-Commerce industry in the UAE and GCC is widely appreciated.


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