The importance of Shopify E-commerce Marketing.

by Julia Jackle - Dec 15, 2020

You might be selling an exceptional product but truth be told, the motto of “If you built it they will come” will not work if consumers can’t find what you are selling. I mean, your ecommerce business in Dubai will realize more success online if you launch an effective marketing campaign and understand how search engines like Google and Bing index, retrieve and rank websites. With such knowledge, your online business in Dubai will be in a better position to formulate actionable SEO and marketing strategies that will make it more noticeable, help it generate more leads and hopefully convert these leads into paying customers.

What is E-Commerce marketing?

This is a long-term campaign which necessitates time, planning and dedication to improve the visibility of your site online. Instead of being plain and non-objective, it should be crafted in an elevator pitch in such a way that it convinces whoever reads your message. To drive change in your Ecommerce business in Dubai via SEO marketing, you have to explore deeper into every nuance of search engine optimization. These include:

  • Content development
  • Onsite SEO Outreach for links and Content distribution
  • Objective and continuous keyword research

Why E-Commerce marketing is important on Shopify in Dubai, UAE

1. Specific with keyword targeting

 Most Ecommerce businesses are not clear on who their target audience is or the kind of businesses they wish to work with. However, at this point, I hope that you have a clear understanding of the people or enterprises you are going after. After getting an insight into who you want to sell to, you can target them by posting high-quality content that resonates with them online.
For instance, let’s assume that you have started a financial intelligence company which provides subscribers the chance to plug their data and in turn get a conclusive view of how they spend their finances. We are precisely talking about personal finances and not enterprises finances. It might be a crowded niche but you have a secret feature that helps you bring down competitors.

If you want to realize positive results, your message and content has to focus on what you do. So, you conduct some keyword research on SEMrush and discover that they keyword Financial Dashboard enjoys 400 searches monthly plus a lot of long tail traffic around it. And when you search financial dashboard on Google, you will see several opportunities for that keyword. The goal is to finally end with the words or phrases that potential customers are using to search for your product.

2. Onsite SEO Outreach for links and Content distribution

You have to conduct solid Onsite SEO, identify traffic coupled keywords and those with the highest potential for conversion, consistently develop high-quality content. This will help you enlarge your customer funnel from awareness all the way down to conversion. Leveraging on your story and knowledge will also help you get opportunities to press for and drive links. The whole idea is all about delivering what your potential clients need. In the process, you will be in a position to build a relationship with them and eventually convert them into customers or clients.

Your products should be stocked according to what clients need. If you introduce a new product, give it to customers and let them give you feedback on what they think about the product. Closely monitor what they say to identify bugs, fix what you can and prepare the path for the introduction of the next product. Search Engine Optimization works on this similar principle. In an online business like yours, scalability is important. You should always be on the lookout for attention and SEO is one of the idealist ways to generate it.

3. Content development

 If you are imagining that it is possible to rank highly for semi-competitive words without employing links from other sites you must be mistaken. (We will be talking about these links in our next section). I mean, good links start with developing high-quality content which helps you in building your brand by being a thought leader, stressing value across the conversion funnel, earning attention and attracting traffic on its own.

The secret to developing high-quality content is knowing your target market and its persona. I mean, you need to have a clear understanding of who you are targeting. With this information, you can devise a comprehensive and effective strategy to develop high-quality content that your audience can resonate with. Always be ahead of your target audience by providing new content constantly and use it to backlink so as to help it rank highly on search engines results. An article with relevant backlinks can be easily found on the internet and ranks higher when compared to one without. For this reason, don’t forget to add high-quality links on your articles.

4. Content is a virtuous cycle but how?

As it grows and begins to cash in substantial revenue, everything begins to change. You are now growing to become a significant player in your industry or you might even be the only Ecommerce Company offering the service which gives your brand some authority, reputation and recognition in the market.

At this stage, your content strategy has to change. I mean, it has to levitate towards being consistent, objective and efficient at being easily spread. And since we are dealing with SEO for Ecommerce and not email marketing, I am not going to get into the details of email marketing. However, I would be negligent and certainly doing you a disservice to not mention that emails are some of the best ways of sharing your content with people who have are genuinely interested in hearing what your company has to say.

5. Consistency

For a moment, sit down and think about the content you are consuming online. Most probably, you are going to notice that times have changed. Some years back, all we could do to get custom information from specific websites was to subscribe to their RSS feeds. Then, we were assured of getting consistent content and many of us read everything because it interested us. Personally, my regular stop was Google Reader and not Twitter which was popular among many internet users at the time.

In retrospect, things have changed and we no longer follow entities for information. Nowadays, most people are finding it easier and more convenient to follow other people to get information. One of the reasons for this is that the content that is being shared is more comprehensive and regularly produced.

For the sake of positive results, I am not just talking about content for the sake of it. You see, the idea of SEO content should be long dead because it doesn’t work for most people. I mean, you will not just conduct a Google Search and stumble upon a 500 word Holy Grill type article with magical ways on how to get Targeting SEO keywords that will propel your website to Google’s top 10. I mean, your SEO for Ecommerce content strategy will only after applying objective effort over a long period of time. And since it is hard to generate content, you have to devise a strategy that allows you to post regularly or else you will end up not posting anything to keep your audience occupied. Many of us like publishing and writing because we like it. For others, there has to be some external motivation like money, traffic, peer pressure or accountability to push them. Either way, ensure that your site displays new content regularly.

 When it comes to frequency, there is no ideal content frequency. As a matter of fact, there is no evidence suggesting that publishing more or less content encourages Google Bots to often find your site. If you’ve heard such a thing, bash it off.

Instead of worrying about frequency, focus on sustainability and consistency. If you have decided to be posting a long-form article once a week, commit yourself to that. This technique has been proved to have a positive correlation with traffic. The argument is, consistent content is equal to more targeted keywords, which increases the probability for getting more links and eventually increase traffic on your site.

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