Shopify COD payment (Cash On Delivery) Order Confirmation via SMS

by Julia Jackle - Jan 19, 2021

Let’s face it! Even though e-commerce has opened a golden opportunity both for online merchants and shoppers, it comes with its own unique set of challenges which can not only be frustrating but also catastrophic. Luckily, if you are grappling with this, COD Order Confirmation is designed and optimized to detect and prevent fake and fraudulent orders. 

Creative971 has worked with SMS BUMP team to solve this issue and is now available on their APP:

The COD Order Confirmation app

This app is precisely designed for online merchants in UAE & Saudi Arabia to help you avoid fake, dummy and fraudulent orders. Such orders, in the long run, reduce order return ratio and ultimately saves your business money that could have been used to ship such orders. Moreover, it is easy to install and set up plus you can customize the settings on the admin area to tailor it according to your store’s needs and preferences.

How it works  

1. Verify orders via a phone call 

When an online shopper chooses the Cash on Delivery mode of payment when checking out, the app automatically calls the customer using the number listed on their account and an IVR will be played to them so that the order can be confirmed. On your admin settings, you will add an input which the customer is supposed to make to accept or receive the order. The app will then respond automatically depending on the option chosen by the customer. If the customer cannot be reached or fails to receive the call for one reason or another, the verification will be marked as pending so that you can later complete manually.  

2. Verify order via a missed call

You can also set the app to mark the order as confirmed in case of a missed call since this is an indication that the contact information displayed is legitimate so the order could be genuine. After receiving the missed call, the order is automatically confirmed then an order tag and note is sent to your Shopify admin panel. 

In case, no missed call is received for a particular order then such orders can be ignored. Since no confirmation was given. If the call fails to go through, it is a potential indicator that the contact information is invalid. Such orders can then be manually reviewed and confirmed. If this fails, you can go ahead and ignore the order. 

3. Order confirmation with via a verification SMS

The app sends a confirmation link via SMS to the customer. The customer is then supposed to click on this link for the order to be verified. After it is successfully verified, the order will be confirmed. It will then add tags depending on the customer’s action making it easy to filter and manage your orders accordingly. If the shopper fails to receive the message or does not give input in response to the verification SMS, the app will mark the order as pending verification so that you can manually follow it up. This will significantly save you money and time that could have been used dealing with fake and fraudulent orders. 

Bottom line

Even if a customer fails to respond to any of these mobile verification methods, don’t be so fast to reject or cancel the order. The thing is, the customer might fail to make a response or an input for one genuine reason or another. Therefore, before reaching the decision to reject an order, make sure that you manually follow it up. Otherwise, you could end up losing customers and money. 

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About the Author:
Julia Jackle
Julia is the co-founder and CEO of Creative971 and has written blogs in the past for the Entrepreneur Magazine UAE. Her extensive knowledge in the E-Commerce industry in the UAE and GCC is widely appreciated.


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