Shopify Blueprint about Customer Behavior in Dubai, UAE

by Julia Jackle - Jul 20, 2020

Shopify Blueprint about Customer Behavior in Dubai, UAE

The art of being closer to the target audience is what any competent marketing rests on. Anyone who does not know the behavior of their customers will themselves repeating the same mistakes over and over again. The Internet and social networks in Dubai and the UAE in general are not only a huge market for goods and services, but also excellent platforms for researching the behavior of your target audience. To learn how your customers behave, here is a blueprint you should follow.

1. Know your customer

The first task that everyone who starts their online business faces is identifying their client. To do this, a description is made of the average person who will be interested in a product or service.

By segmenting the target audience, you can begin to study each resulting category individually. Later, according to the results of analytics, different methods of influence are applied to different segments of the audience. This allows you to significantly save the budget of advertising campaigns and time, as well as more precisely fall under the needs of customers. After all, it is important to remember that you are not selling a product or service, but primarily a solution to the problem.

2. Study site visitors

For a comprehensive analysis of traffic today there are many paid and free tools. Below about the most popular of them will be described in more detail. Using various services, you can determine what services or products they are most interested in, from which online channels you are better informed about what your marketing campaigns are most responsive to, what are the advantages of competitors’ offers, etc. Many special online programs compile comprehensive reports with key traffic indicators for free and download them in Excel spreadsheets directly to your computer.

3. Direct communication with customers

This is the most obvious option to help identify the pains of your audience. You can get in touch with existing consumers of goods or services by calling the hotline or through an online chat in which site visitors ask questions. One or two days of such communication with customers is enough to create an approximate picture of what the target audience cares about, what it expects from you and what it gets in the end. It is very important to understand the specific problems of Central Asia in order to propose the most effective solutions. This is the secret of successful analysis of the target audience and in many ways- marketing.

It is logical to use the above methods of determining the target audience and desires of potential customers in the complex, choosing those that are better suited to the specifics of your goods and services. Often, analytical work with CA using these specific methods is quite painstaking and can take a lot of time. However, with a responsible attitude over time, the use of these methods necessarily pays off in the form of increased profits, new customers and increased brand reputation.

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Julia Jackle
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