Shopify And The E-Commerce Support During COVID-19 Times

by Julia Jackle - Apr 8, 2020

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We see businesses are scaling back operations and changing their business models in order to limit in-person interactions more and more. COVID-19 is changing the business world and accelerates the digitalization of businesses across the United Arab Emirates. These measures are severely impacting businesses around the globe.

How is Shopify (virtually) supporting the ecosystem during COVID-19 times?

Shopify’s community is not only supporting their partners and merchants but also the entire ecosystem. How does this support look like?

  • Shopify Community – Share your stories with us and we will carry them across the community, not only Shopify is doing this but also us, Creative971. Tag @shopify and @creative971 for a chance to get featured in our Instagram story.
  • Virtual Shopify meetups instead of in-person meetups to keep in contact during a time of social distancing.
  • Shopify app developer and email marketing platform Klaviyo is launching a daily survey to collect feedback on what E-Commerce brands are seeing in the reality of COVID-19. They’re sharing their learnings every morning at 9:00AM EST on their Twitter. The information being shared there could be good context to share with your own clients and users.
  • Shopify Partners are also stepping forward with educational resources to help equip entrepreneurs—including partners and merchants—with the insights they need to find long term success.
  • Now more than ever, entrepreneurs are looking for guidance from experienced E-Commerce experts on how to navigate uncertain times. This is a need Shopify Partners are uniquely positioned to respond to.

Where the shift needs to happen NOW:

For many entrepreneurs around the world, circumstances are forcing them to rethink their business plans. Many retail businesses will consider moving more of their business online as storefronts shut their physical doors, and many others, such as restaurants and bars, will start to pivot and reimagine their business models altogether to offer digital solutions to their businesses.


Working together

As we all work together to pivot and help support our merchants through this difficult time, we’re also supporting each other and the wider Shopify ecosystem. Take care of each other.

About the Author:
Julia Jackle
Julia is the co-founder and CEO of Creative971 and has written blogs in the past for the Entrepreneur Magazine UAE. Her extensive knowledge in the E-Commerce industry in the UAE and GCC is widely appreciated.


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