• Client: Three Coffee
  • Date: 2020
  • Platform: Shopify


THREE is a member of the Cup of Excellence, a program that allows them to offer the their partner some of the best coffees from around the world.THREE Coffee pride themselves on sourcing roasting and selling delicious coffee“Working to improve the standard of living in coffee producing nations is our overarching philosophy.”


THREE Coffee required a total rework of the design and functions for their E-Commerce website. The challenge was combining the extensive storytelling details on the pages as well as the many functions from a Coffee Subscription, Find My Color, Coffee by Color, Whole sale form and story telling pages. All had to be structured and brought together while staying in the THREE COFFEE brand guidelines.


The new website experience, built on Shopify is focused on six technical core elements which is a custom development on coffee Subscriptions which will deduct automatically the shoppers credit card. A custom development on Shop By Color, which has a dynamic scrolling functionality and design. Find My Color, which functions as a quiz to help the user to shop their favorite coffee. As well as the Wholesale Form, Brew Guides and storytelling pages.


As a coffee company first and foremost, customers come to buy coffee. Because of this THREE Coffee needs to be able to display their coffee in a clear and digestible manner.
Customized coffee product pages were required in order to tell the story and pass the info in the way THREE Coffee wants, which makes things easy for people buying their coffee. The pages were all designed via adobe illustrator according to THREE Coffee’s individual style and allowing to transfer our personal brand feel on the website.


THREE Coffee has a responsive mobile version that allow easy and sleek navigation as well as an optimized checkout experience. Not only that, but even the Subscription, Find my color and Shop by color pages has a finetuned responsive mobile version that allows smooth user experience.


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