• Client: Jaheeez
  • Date: 2019
  • Category: Influencer
  • Platform: Shopify


Jaheeez is a concept that was created by The Saudi Reporters Abdullah and Abdulaziz and adopted by the reporters, it is an Arabic word meaning “ready?”. Jaheeez is not just a word, it’s a way of life, its a path to achieving dreams.


For the trendy saudi influencer duo, it was important to meet their vibrant branding, which is characterized by cheerful energy, positive vibes, color and light with products that are strongly rooted in current arabic culture.

The approach needed to fulfill the charming front-end but also the strength to hold the mass of users to browse and checkout on the store.


Creating a fun filled front end with colors used boldly while having it an easy to navigate and solid site was the key vision and solution for Jaheeez.

The site also enables shoppers to get close to the influencer duo which increases the brand exposure and brand loyalty overall.


A straight forward site navigation and engaging active and vibrant content was the key to create Jaheeez. Functioning in English as well as Arabic was essential, looking at the arabic speaking community fanbase of The Saudi Reporters.


Since the influencer duo is very popular on social channels, the experience on the mobile devices needed to be seamless in english as well as in arabic language.


We had an excellent experience with Creative971 in building our Shopify websites, they built two brilliant websites for us (jaheeez.com & atnafas.com), looking at their professional experience from all aspects: Creative971 was always on time in delivering the service with high-quality standards.


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