• Client: Setzi Saddles
  • Date: 2019
  • Platform: Shopify


Setzi is a well known and worldwide appreciated equestrian manufacturer brand. Marco, Antonio’s son, rider and trainer in the UAE, with methodic research keeps on maintaining the family tradition testing Setzi products daily in order to grant affordability, comfort and safety to all the riders that chose Setzi.


For the equestrian equipment manufacturer, it was important to create a website that allows functionality while staying sleek in the design. The challenge was to provide as much storytelling elements as possible while keeping the focus on equestrian equipment sales and highlighting the option to customize saddles.


Setzi Saddles new website experience, which is built on Shopify, features an in-depth story behind the brand and it’s founder Antonio Sardo. The Solution was to allow the users to explore both, the brand story as well as the commercial aspect, while being able to browse a neat and sleek site.


Setzi Saddles is all about quality craftsmanship and quality equestrian equipment. It was essential that the website will provide a timeless and elegant user experience. The categorization and navigation was simplified via icons to allow customers to browse or find products fairly quickly. It was also important to provide a platform to Setzi Saddles to take on custom saddle orders through a submit form that was build.


Given the fact that most equestrians are mainly browsing on their mobile phones, we created the website of Setzi Saddles from a mobile first approach. Matching expectations of their user base was key.


We had a really positive impression since the beginning: really helpful staff. They guided us thru the whole process of constructing a new website, giving us their support and advice. Our working experience with Creative971 is undoubtedly more than satisfactory.


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