• Client: RAW
  • Date: 2017
  • Category: F&B
  • Platform: Shopify Plus


RAW Coffee Company, famous for roasting their hand selected coffee beans, was looking for a new touch and feel to their website. Inspiration from coffee and raw material elements gave the touch to the custom Web Design for RAW on Shopify. Not only the front end but also the back end was custom developed to interact straight forward and smartly with their users. Providing different features wether it is the Coffee Subscription, intensive training course booking feature, Wholesale section or Loyalty Program.

PS: RAW Coffee is AMAZING!


RAW Coffee required a total rework of the design and functions for their E-Commerce website. The challenge was combining the extensive storytelling details on the pages as well as the many functions from a Coffee Subscription, Whole sale Channel and up to Training Course bookings and systems. All had to be structured and brought together while staying in the RAW brand guidelines.


The new website experience, built on Shopify Plus is focused on four technical core elements which is a custom development on coffee Subscriptions which will deduct automatically the shoppers credit cart bi-weekly. Training courses and schedules are combined and can be booked and purchased directly. As well as the Wholesale channel + Loyalty program segmentation.


As a coffee company first and foremost, customers come to buy coffee. Because of this RAW needs to be able to display their coffee in a clear and digestible manner.

RAW sources their coffees, with over half of these being direct trade, meaning RAW team actually travels to the places where the coffee’s grown and build relationships with farmers and/or producers. This gives RAW a wealth of knowledge that can be passed on to their customers so they can see exactly where their coffee comes from.

Customized coffee product pages were required in order to tell the story and pass on this info in the way RAW wants, which makes things easy for people buying RAW coffee. The pages were all designed via photoshop according to RAW’s individual style and allowing to transfer our personal brand feel on the website.



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