• Client: Oud Milano
  • Date: 2018
  • Platform: Shopify Plus


Oud Milano is devoted to discovering and importing the secrets of oriental beauty arts. Whether it is the vivid spice market colours of Indian pigments, the latest super-lush eyelashes from Dubai, calligraphy inspired Japanese brushes, new botanicals from Korean laboratories, luxurious fragrances from Arabian oils, or skin healing elixirs from the Levant.

The fabulous and fresh brand of authenticity is relevant to today’s looks, but comes from a whole new direction and inspiration. The East is the source of our creativity with its rich and diverse notions of beauty.

Collaborating with the trendsetters to ensure our ideas of beauty keeps pace with today’s trends, fashions and techniques and in the process win ambassadors that appeal to the millennial generation around the globe.


For the saudi based international make up and cosmetics retail brand, it was not only important to fulfill corporate guidelines according to their brand standards, but also strategize the design to be modern and appealing.

The challenge was to build a multi-language (arabic, french & english) E-Commerce site that focuses on various different nationalities across the globe.



We redesigned Oud Milano’s website experience and built it on Shopify Plus. The new website features a sleek and appealing design while staying functional and driving conversions. The Solution was to simplify user processes of navigating through the website but also selecting variants of e.g. nail polish or lip stick products. The new approach helps the user to make better and more sophisticated purchase decisions.


Oud Milano is all about quality manufacturing and appealing cosmetic products. It was required that the website will provide modern and sleek design while improving the user experience. The categorization and navigation was simplified to allow customers to browse or find products fairly quickly.


More and more customers are preferring the mobile view over the desktop view, hence Oud Milano’s new E-Commerce website needed to be very appealing here.

The ease of navigating through the website while also easily selecting colour variants on products provided a huge positive impact on the mobile experience too.


This is the second E-Commerce project we did with Creative971 and again they show the professionalism and experience that we expected. the most factor that we choose Creative971 as our Shopify partner is their knowledge of the platform and how they fulfill all our business needs in professional and high level standard of quality. Thank you Creative 971 to help OUD MILANO success in the digital market.


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