• Client: Mo Geneva
  • Date: 2019
  • Category: High-end Jewelry
  • Platform: Shopify


The idea of this brand has started when Mohammed Abdul Samad Al-Qurashi came up with the idea of creating luxurious and unique products that captivate the heart. Born into a family with long history in premium niche fragrances and jewelry, Mohammed learned the appreciation of the alchemy of nature and everything beautiful and precious since childhood. His passion for preciousness and beauty, along with his attention to details were fueled with his love for adventures and travel to discover the sources of the world.


The approach to the E-Commerce website of this luxurious, one-of-a-kind brand was to transfer the luxury of the brand and items into the website design and overall user experience.

Mo Geneva aims to deliver the finest hand-crafted products, made by using the highest techniques with the rarest materials like old aged oud, and gold in order to satisfy clients that have passion for limited edition creations, this feeling was required to recreate digitally.


Mo Geneva’s new E-Commerce website, built on Shopify Plus, has an in-depth focus on the story and collections, in order to understand and visualize the brand values to the fullest. The complexity here was certainly the demand to support the new brand positioning in the global market as well as the approach to integrate fine luxury jewelry as well as art objects while remaining elegant and sleek throughout the website.


Since Mo Geneva is all about quality craftsmanship and luxurious pieces of art, it was essential that the website will provide a highly elegant user experience. Mo Geneva’s unique guarantees were elegantly worked into the overall E-Commerce experience, that shall help the user to understand the depth and variety of this brand.


The mobile experience of Mo Geneva was in alignment to the website structure. Staying focussed on the luxury items and storyline was in the foreground.

Usability and sheer elegance was the vision here.



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