• Client: Miccy’s Jewellery
  • Date: 2019
  • Platform: Shopify Plus


Miccy’s is named after its founder, Michelle (Mic or Miccy) de Hoogh. Like many success stories, the story of Miccy’s started with a personal wish. When Michelle got bored of wearing the typical classic gold earrings, but was aware of her allergy to nickel, she decided to design some earrings herself.

With a background in Art Design, her new earrings soon caught the eye of her friends. And not just her friends…. Not long after she started to sell some of her own designs, celebrities and royals were spotted with Michelle’s earrings and Miccy’s was born.


Miccy’s was growing on an international scale and is available in Dubai, Brazil, Aruba, Curacao and Europe. The beautiful designs became a reputable brand that is well-known amongst celebrities and royals, often featured in magazines and in television shows.

Miccy’s was outgrowing the old E-Commerce website and needed a full redesign and migration – with the focus on the new brand vision and design as well as to fulfill the growing international demand.


The new website experience, built on Shopify Plus, features an in-depth story behind the brand. The solution was to let the shopper experience the craftsmanship while keeping the personal touch.


Miccy’s is all about quality craftsmanship. It was essential that the website will provide a timeless and elegant user experience, while staying true to Miccy’s brand guidelines. The categorization and navigation was simplified to allow customers to browse or find products fairly quickly.


The importance to have a solid mobile experience was one of the key factors from Miccy’s. Each step was carefully worked out, in order to create a seamless and smooth user experience on a mobile.



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