• Client: Liudmila
  • Date: 2018
  • Platform: Shopify


Inspired by the fictional heroine Liudmila Rutilova, the brand plays on imagination and dynamism while offering new perspectives in the luxury footwear market. Liudmila singles itself out by focusing on lower-heeled styles. To maintain the peculiar silhouettes, the designer employs complicated manufacturing techniques, creating all of its components from scratch and mixing them with uncommon elements such as salmon skin, tilapia skin, pom-poms and lime treated in luxurious finishings. Each shoe tells a story, be it a fairytale pastel pink heel or metallic strappy stiletto. Hence, her designs are a fantastical illustration of passion for design, created for the life-loving fantasists.


Since Liudmila Is a very unique and designed with passion for design and fantastical illustrations, the design requirements for the website were equally unique. A full bespoke design on Photoshop including a very minimistical approach brought the brand’s message and what it stands for out in public.


The new website experience, combines the showcase of previous fashion collections as Lookbooks but merges into the product data and will allow you to purchase directly on web or in a related stockiest around the world if you are lucky and the Shoe is still available. Our main goal was to combine the unique Brand vision with and high converting user experience through out.


Liudmila’s website transformed into a beautiful, unique and minimalistic website that caters smartly to their worldwide clientele.



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