• Client: Lebs.com
  • Date: 2019
  • Category: Fashion
  • Platform: Shopify Plus


Lebs.com is THE online luxury brands E-Commerce website in the Middle East. Cool, fresh, modern and always having the best prices and the best outfits. Lebs.com is an online only brand that has it’s huge customer base spoiled with a fast delivery across the Middle East as well as globally and with a great customer service.


For the luxury multi-brand E-Commerce brand Lebs.com, it is key to engage and transfer a straightforward user experience.
The challenge in this approach was combining an engaging design across desktop, mobile and the Android and IOS App and have them all functioning along nicely in English as well as in Arabic.


At Creative971, we designed Lebs.com’s website to be finetuned on the App and mobile experience. The App was the groundbreaking solution, the sales are by far outperformed through the app compared to the E-Commerce website alone.


Lebs.com is proud of their multichannel E-commerce empire when it comes to luxury fashion.


Lebs.com is not only aligned on mobile but also to function seamlessly and fast from the App itself, the mobile experience has been perfectionated in this way.


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