• Client: Kashkha
  • Date: 2019
  • Platform: Shopify


Founded three decades ago in Dubai, Kashkha meaning ‘Beautiful’ in Arabic has long been recognized as a leading retail brand offering affordable and stylish modest fashion to the self-confident muslima.

Kashkha was established with a clear objective- that of weaving tradition with contemporary fashion. Each garment of Kashkha thus radiates elegant modesty, empowering you to make fashion-forward choices without compromising on your faith.

With a presence across the globe-spanning Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, Kashkha continues to illuminate lives with exceptional quality modern yet modest fashion wear.


Being in modest fashion for so long, the Kashkha team told us that the design and approach of the website is unique. Many of Kashkha's customers are ladies that love the idea to shop online, but since Kashkha never had an online shopping opportunity for its customers before, we had to combine the rich content of Kashkha with a straight forward and easy to use experience. Bridging the gap between digitalization while keeping traditions was essential here.


We mutually decided to give the website user the choice to explore all there is to know about Kashkha, not only from a shopping perspective, but as well from a content perspective. The digitalization of the brand required a focus on large imagery paired with smart text placements to assure keeping the attention of the website user.


How did we translate the solution into the website? Well look no further. The collection page is offering large high resolution imagery with a filtering option as well a direct color selector on each product. This allows the users to visually engage with the product prior to even opening the product page. Once on the product page, we followed the same approach, large imagery and great placement of the product information and call to action itself.


Following the large imagery on the mobile experience as well, is not only helping the user to focus on one part of the website at a time, but also allowing the user to have a great browsing experience while being able to see the quality garments and fabrics as detailed as possible.


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