• Client: Joelle Paris
  • Date: 2020
  • Category: Beauty
  • Platform: Shopify


The journey began when renowned beauty expert Joelle made a keen observation that led her to a starting discovery: When it comes to beauty, most women seem to focus on what makeup to wear over their skin,overlooking the love and care they ought to be giving it first.
Joelle’s name has been synonymous with beauty and with giving the latest beauty advice for over a decade, as she is always in search of the next best thing. On her quest for flawless, beautiful skin, Joelle went on a journey of discovery to the capital of magnificence: Paris. Where better to look than in the city of style and splendor?

Joelle Paris aspires to give every woman the right to feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. With the right tools, women can forever maintain and nurture their beauty.
Joelle Paris strives for perfection in all that they do, and shall continue the quest for quality, originality and of course… beauty.


Joelle founded one of the leadingUAE based cosmetics, hair and skin care brand Joelle Paris. For her it is essential to create a clean and beautiful E-Commerce website that allow her clients and fans to purchase her renown beauty products.
The challenge was to stay unique and share the great success that the brand has across the media too.


Joelle Paris E-Commerce Website was designed along the principles of a clean and minimalistic design as well as promoting a clear shopping action on the Website.


Joelle Paris has a beautiful, state-of-the-art E-Commerce website, that not only shines from the outside but has a clear mission and vision too.


With the rise of the importance of m-commerce (mobile commerce) JoelIe Paris is taking the competitive edge while having a finetuned responsive mobile version that allow easy and sleek navigation as well as an optimized checkout experience.


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