• Client: Greta
  • Date: 2020
  • Category: Fashion
  • Platform: Shopify


Greata is a multibrand E-Commerce store that offers fashionable, playful and unique styles for 3 to 14 year old girls. Greta seeks to educate girls and build their knowledge of what is a healthy fashion. Healthy fashion is feeling comfortable in what you are wearing and being confident in yourself.

Greta believes that to conquer the world, girls should be given the freedom to decide whom they want to be at an early age. Girls should have the power to choose happiness and self-expression and Greta empowers doing so through fashion.


Greta is the E-Commerce destination for parents, girls and people that wish to educate and empower. The bespoke concept needed a very careful and detail-oriented E-Commerce Website design that reflects the care of the Dubai based brand while being appealing to girls in the region. Also, the message shall be fun and happiness
The challenge here was not only to build an engaging E-Commerce experience and user journey for the UAE, but also for the Egyptian E-Commerce market.


At Creative971, we created Greta’s E-Commerce website with care and dedication to best present the boutique style as well as their core message to empower girls.The usability enhancement on the mobile was key.


Greta’s Boutique is proud to be owning a state-of-the-art E-Commerce Website that communicates their mission and vision and is offering a great functionality for its users across desktop and mobile.


The focus of the usability was on the responsive mobile version that allow easy and sleek navigation as well as a fast checkout experience.


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