• Client: Apartment51
  • Date: 2018
  • Category: Homeware
  • Platform: Shopify


Apartment 51 was born out of a passion to widen style horizons and create lifestyles that are filled with effortless beauty. We understand that people are as unique as snowflakes and therefore so are our styles. You should never have to compromise on your taste or your love of luxury simply because you aren’t being offered enough choices. Your home should be a representation of you, your tastes, your personality and a celebration of the people and things that you love.


The approach here was to create and design a straight forward user experience approach in order to smartly search and navigate through their exhaustive product count and to establish a home décor multibrand online which only exists online for the beginning.


The new website experience, built on Shopify Plus lays its focus on the fast growing product lines. Shopify Plus Script editor as well as further checkout conditions are used extensively in order to provide the experience required. Arabic RTL development was required and implemented.


Great performing and converting website in English and Arabic which caters to the GCC region with intense content and story about the Brands carried within Apartment51.



Thank you Creative971! We couldn’t be more pleased to work with the full team of Creative971. Our vision of design and structure for Apartment51 have been transferred into a beautiful bespoke online presence.


We can take your business from concept to conversion no matter what stage of the journey you’re at.