• Client: American Rag Cie
  • Date: 2018
  • Platform: Shopify Plus


Welcome to the start of a fashion revolution. Welcome to iconic looks and original spirit. Welcome to American Rag Cie Dubai.

American Rag Cie is all about the experience. This eclectic patchwork of styles and looks might be globally sourced, but ultimately it also pays homage to the original California spirit that inspired the brand’s founder, Mark Werts. Right from the first shipping container of French vintage clothes, American Rag has remained dedicated to heritage, style, elegance and quality – in all aspects, all the time.


We have built the Dubai E-Commerce website of American Rag Cie, which hosts more than 250 brands in store and online. Each brand offers show-stopping designs and thought-provoking creativity that will change the landscape of fashion in the region, hence the website needed to reflect the same.


American Rag Cie’s new website experience, built on Shopify Plus, makes it easy for the shopper to browse the large inventory and shop conveniently.


Fashion and the latest style trends are at the forefront of American Rag Cie’s concept and hence it was essential to design the E-Commerce experience to match this. The browse opportunities as well as the search and filter implementation help to stay on top of the large inventory and provide a great user experience.


American Rag Cie is all about the experience, hence we created an unique shopping experience on the mobile version. The segmentation between men and women was key in providing personalized results.


We are grateful to be working with Creative971 on American Rag Cie. This project is unique and required an extensive understanding in terms of Design & Development. It is great to see how successfully all was achieved and once again Creative971 prooved their knowledge about Shopify. We can only continue to confidently say, that our work with Creative971 and relationship is growing and we’d like to say thank you for their hard work and commitment towards our guidelines.


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