• Client: BEAUTI.sa
  • Date: 2020
  • Platform: Shopify Plus


BEAUTI was founded in 2018 in Saudi Arabia, with a purpose of creating a different und yet unique shopping experience. Along with the great development that took place in Saudi Arabia, BEAUTI has launched a special and distinctive E-Commerce Website that includes carefully selected collections of luxury brands around the world of cosmetics and skincare products in addition to perfumes and health foods, in order to cover all the requirements of Saudi Women’s needs. Not only that, but also a great delight for the Saudi Women with a beauty salon prepared with everything she needs from makeup, high-quality bath products and a coffee shop with friends for fun and happiness.
BEAUTI aims to come up with joy and the luxury of shopping through a team looking for everything new and innovative in the world of beauty, and guides you to what suits you to enjoy unmatched elegance
This entity was built on the basis of a set of important values, namely Innovation in the industry is all-new, honesty in providing the most suitable for you, cooperation between the team to get the best result,
simplicity that gives you irresistible beauty, these foundations have been laid to suit the new Saudiand give modern women everything they are looking for.


For the Saudi based cosmetics brand, it was very important to engage and transfer the message of fun, happiness and luxury while staying true to the values of professionalism and credibility.
The challenge here was not only to build an engaging from scratch bespoke design but also have the aspect of many user groups and multi-language flown into the E-Commerce experience and user journey. Further, a complex ERP integration was planned too, in order to empower BEAUTI and automize processes even on the backend operations of the business.


At Creative971, we designed BEAUTI’s website from scratch to have all the aspects and the high level of value propositioning included into the E-Commerce website. While the BEAUTI.sa website hosts a beautiful, sleek and cohesive design approach across the entire page it also was optimized for usability from a desktop as well as from a mobile use.


BEAUTI is proud about owning a state-of-the-art E-Commerce design that not only looks amazing but functions extremely well for its users too.


With the rise of the importance of m-commerce (mobile commerce) BEAUTI is taking the competitive edge while having a finetuned responsive mobile version that allow easy and sleek navigation as well as a fast checkout experience.


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