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Shopify Plus is Shopify’s enterprise E-Commerce platform for large and growing as well as for Enterprise online stores and brands.

It’s a hosted SaaS platform customized, staffed, and powering the world’s fastest growing brands. Shopify Plus gives a multi-channel platform with unmatched scalability, so businesses can focus on growth, instead of worrying about their websites.

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The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was established according to the UAE Federal Law by Decree No. 3 of 2003 – Telecom Law, on regulating the telecommunications sector in the UAE. Since its establishment, the TRA has exceeded expectations by achieving its projected goals in record time.

The role of TRA focuses on two fields: regulating the telecommunications sector, and enabling government entities in the field of smart transformation.

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VL OMNI is an agile point to multi channel data integration service, headquartered in Canada. Over 200 businesses worldwide trust VL OMNI to move data seamlessly through their infrastructure as they grow, expand and accelerate their business.

It is a trusted integration platform for real-time accurate customer order data, shipment details, inventory, and prices, allowing businesses to work smartly.