7 steps to a trustable Website

by Julia Jackle - Jun 15, 2017

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Any website requires certain considerations to be determined as a good or even great website. May it be for a small Start-up or for an established Enterprise, a blog or an E-Commerce website, it doesn’t matter.  As we see in analytics and reports, it only takes a person a few seconds to decide whether they want to stay or leave your website. This can be the difference between a conversion/sale or the loss of a prospect client…

But how do people take this decision? Well, part of this decision is the content you provide, another part implements the trustability or your overall web appearance and content.

A prospective client will find your website and business trustworthy, if you are law-abiding, fair, show care and service. Your products or services should keep the promise they claim to as well as providing a value/quality, information to be correct and honest as well as security and privacy.

Follow the below 7 guidance steps to a trustable Website

  1. Solid and Strong Web design

Clear and beautiful website designs are the door opener as they are your business’ virtual storefront. The key is simplicity, provide your prospect clients a structured and informative site, something that makes people want to explore more about your product or services.

  1. Leave a personal footprint on your Website

Walking through a retail store provides the personal emotions, Websites do not do that, unless you implement a hint of personality. This could be either an image of yourself, quotes from reputable brands, ratings/testimonials or a personal related clear call to action. We are not only talking about the “About us” page, this pattern is to be implemented throughout your website and pages.

  1. Consistency

Being consistent is what mirrors trust, we can see that from reputable brands in their color schemes, their designs and their way to communicate and reach out to people. Doing so is implementing trust, hence you need to assure that your website is consistent in design and content as well as transferring this to your social media, office stationary etc.

  1. Website needs to be up to date

Essentials such as your website uptime, fast load speed and your custom domain may look simple but these are very crucial points relating back to trust in your website and furthermore trust in your business. Reassure that all of the provided information on your website in regards to shipping, contact information, product or service information and more is all up to date. Take some time to go through your website or have a friend assisting. Outdated information may mislead prospect clients.


  1. Use Badges & Logos to show that your Website is safe

E-Commerce in the UAE and GCC is still at its early stages, no wonder why now more than ever, all online shoppers are very cautious of the security and their privacy. Having that in mind, you need to ensure secure website browsing. If you are not already using a secure server such as Shopify, you should definitely ensure that your website is secure by displaying a SSL certificate. Especially for E-Commerce websites having a trusted seal of a payment enabler or the seal of the consumer rights makes a huge difference.

  1. Social Media and Blog activity

You can find out a lot more about businesses, when you check their Social Media handles. If they are not consistently active, how can you be sure that they are still active? By active, it doesn’t mean that you have to post content daily, it just means consistent. The same applies to blogs on websites.

Furthermore, Social Media profiles of businesses shouldn’t be mixed with private accounts, stay true to yourself and your business, have a dedicated page for each!

  1. Ease of contacting you

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to contact a business through their website and not being able to. If you are a trusted business, then why would you make it difficult for your prospect clients to contact you? Have a simple contact form on your website, it may do wonders! But also ensure to have your contact details displayed, to make sure people can reach you in different ways.


After looking through these 7 points, you can clearly see, where you can improve and assure more trust in your website and business. It is up to you to start implementing these tips.

Good luck!

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By Julia Jackle Creative971, Shopify Experts Dubai

About the Author:
Julia Jackle
Julia is the co-founder and CEO of Creative971 and has written blogs in the past for the Entrepreneur Magazine UAE. Her extensive knowledge in the E-Commerce industry in the UAE and GCC is widely appreciated.


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