Top 5 Shopify E-commerce secret that you need to know

by Julia Jackle - Jul 5, 2020

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Like we all know, E-commerce Business is essentially buying and selling products and services using any type of electronic platform. It’s not only reduces the cost of products but also improves their quality and speeds up delivery. However, the big question is, how does one start and grow an online brand in the midst of stiff competition from established giants like Amazon and Walmart? Well, it is a highly guarded secret but it is easy to break into it. 

The most important thing to bear in mind is that the supremacy and authority of Walmart, Amazon and other e-commerce giants cannot be solely explained by the quality of their stocks or their brilliant trade policies. Several other aspects also play a critical role in a domineering and advancing their brands

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1. Automate how orders are processed

Editing orders, editing tasks, contacting suppliers, sending messages to consumers, etc. Most of these tasks are tedious and repetitive and consume a lot of time and resources, but are very essential for the systematic processing and delivery of orders. Fortunately, there is automation which is an emerging trend that every e-commerce must follow.

A decent e-commerce order processing and delivery approach should save costs and eliminate inconveniences for you and your employees. And with no doubt, task automation is critical to achieving that. This can be achieved by implementing special e-commerce software to lessen the burden of your employees and resources.

2. Optimize shipping costs to offer competitive prices 

The “secret” to minimizing costs is by getting into business agreements with freight forwarders. If the arrangement is good for the businesses’’ operational cost, it will also be good for its consumer paperbacks. 

For e-commerce giants, cost saving in shipping can be attained via economies of scale. For midsized and Start-up brands this might not be practical but there are several other methods to cut down costs.

For instance, services like Uber order shipping, and Roadie have changed the norms of the game. Such delivery platforms help minimize costs without compromising quality and speed of delivery.

3. Provide free shipping

Free shipping is unquestionably a strong competitive advantage in every industry.
However, it could have a negative impact on the profit margins of your business.
Luckily, there is a way to facilitate free shipping without cutting into your profits.

  • Slightly increasing the cost of products. Even a small increase per product or order can compensate for free standard to long – range shipping.

By so doing, shipping costs do not leave the cart, the customer actually pays for it, since it is ingeniously integrated with the price of the products on offer.

  • Free shipping for a certain amount of orders.

This approach is by far the most practical and functional. It involves offering free shipping services if a customer spends a certain amount of money where the business feels that the impact of shipping for free will be minimal to profit margins. This also encourages customers to spend more and buy more of your products.

  • Subscriptions. 

Walmart, Amazon and other e-commerce companies use this strategy. By paying a fee, Premium users can receive special features and functions, such as free shipping and discounts.

4. Maintain constant communication with customers during the entire shipping period

For most consumers, the idealist shipping method is not necessarily the quickest, but the one that facilitates constant support. I mean, through communication with customers must be continuous throughout the purchasing process, it should be available during the whole shipping period. This speeds the resolution of any cases that may occur. And also ensure that customers remain confident and calm.

5. Customize Individual shipments

A good and tailored shopping experience is important. An ideal way to do that is by offering customized packages such as gift wrappers. If it is the first time the customer has made a purchase, you can send thank-you cards and notes with the name of the customer. If the customer is a regular shopper, his shopping trends will be predictable. With no doubt, this will make them feel special and be loyal to you.


About the Author:
Julia Jackle
Julia is the co-founder and CEO of Creative971 and has written blogs in the past for the Entrepreneur Magazine UAE. Her extensive knowledge in the E-Commerce industry in the UAE and GCC is widely appreciated.


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